What is Ventures?

Innovation is how Profusion began and it continues to be a central thread in the Profusion story. In 2019 we are turbocharging this by developing Ventures – our own incubator and innovation hub. Although innovation happens in our business every day, we’re exploring opportunities to help make and mould the companies and creations of the future.

Investing in the future

With our years of experience, we understand what it means
to apply tech into a business environment.

Are you an investor?

Looking for new opportunities to invest in the data,
digital and AI space?

Build the future

Are you an entrepreneur?

Want to be considered for incubation
in our Old Street home?

Shape the future

Data and AI

Through Ventures we’re already acting on the opportunities we’ve spied in the market, by inventing new products and businesses. 

But we know we’re not the ones having all the best ideas. That’s why we’ll be incubating and investing in entrepreneurs who share their ingenious visions on using data and AI to serve people and brands.

We’ll tap into the inspired minds of our partners, clients and team to give these innovations the best chance of success. By raising a community of collaboration to shape notions and create networks to reach the market at scale, we’ll make a big difference. This is because a percentage of the profits from Ventures will directly fund our social impact foundation Profusion Cares.

Our ethos

What can you expect from us? Ventures is a natural evolution of the Profusion journey. We have a lot of experience in the market and understand what it means to apply tech into a business environment. We’ve also been in the game a while – nearly 20 years in the tech space. We’ve been on the verge of failure at least three times and survived. That’s given us a lot of knowledge, especially having been through a couple of economic cycles.

A creative
& open mind

A home in
Old Street, London

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