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We’ve moved out of the old school of sending a million emails to everyone on your database. Now it’s about tuning in to a much more targeted, personalised environment. Customers are using so many different devices now – we know if they’re opening up on a tablet or Android, and what email app they’re using.

How can you know where every bit of data goes in the hierarchy to reach and capture the customer, understand what they’re doing on any channel at any moment, and hit them with a great real-time response?

We specialise in making sure emails land in the inbox and sender reputation is kept strong. We make email campaigns and CRM super effective – getting your message past firewalls and your point across in three seconds. If you look at any web analytics, attributes or parts of a marketing initiative, you’ll see that email wins for its timelines, how cost effective it is to set up and how good it is at generating revenue. This is why email is still king. We focus on using data to help you connect with your customers. What is a customer searching for? How can you meet their needs through email?

A contact strategy starts with communication through email or another channel. From there, we look at what sparks real-time actions and what follow-ups we can build in to determine what the customer wants to hear and when. This master plan evolves over time and we look at behavioural triggers to match customers’ changing lifestyle needs when they’re ready.

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