Budding entrepreneurs

We’re looking for people we click with and who align with our values. You’ll see an opportunity through your unique lens on the world. You’ll want to make some money but you care about wider issues. And you’ll desire purpose and planet to be part of your goals. We ask all our entrepreneurs to continue contributing to the community they’ve benefited from, supporting the next generation through their journey.

Q. What kind of entrepreneurial initiatives are going to catch our interest?

Any that are scalable and driven by data or AI. We have a real pride in the UK and would love to help our country grow its digital ‘manufacturing’ base. We believe the UK must become a centre of AI excellence, where we teach people the best and latest innovations in this emerging, fascinating and highly impactful space. AI alone is not the solution. Combining it with data and human imagination will ensure the greatest influence.

Q. What’s the criteria to apply?

Just ideas driven by data and AI that have potential and wider market scope. It’s less about what the product is, and more about the demand it meets and the market it’s for. Whether you’ve tried and failed or have a unique idea, it doesn’t matter. We’ll review on merit and decide if we can help make the idea a success. We will also look to help those who naturally fall below the requirements of larger investment bodies. Our decision to support an idea is not just driven by profit and return for investors – we value other metrics.

Q. What’s the application process?

After you’ve filled in the form, we’ll have an initial chat. Here we’ll arrange a first stage gate meeting to understand where your idea is at, its market potential and how far it matches our skillset. Incubation process

Q. How are you going to nurture my project idea?

Our focus is on the attraction, engagement and retention of your customers. With our 20 years of experience we’ll guide you to make your idea a viable business. You’ll also get access to funding, coaching, mentoring, a network of changemakers, office space, machine learning, AI and data profiling advice, legal and financial assistance and structuring. Most important of all you will be spurred on by our endless encouragement, belief and some purposeful prods in the right direction.

Q. Why would I want to be incubated by Profusion?

You get a lovely home and a supportive family along with the usual help. We’re not greedy. We’re not a Venture Capitalist that’s out to asset strip your idea for profit. We care and want to deliver a genuinely rewarding and empowering experience that is fair and fun. We’re entrepreneurs who learn by doing, and we want to give you the support and mentoring we wish we’d had ourselves.


Q. How are you going to give me the five-star treatment in terms of the right support?

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the day-to-day nuts and bolts of running, organising and managing a business. We can help set you up for success in this, while supercharging your personal development through coaching and boosting your business development with experienced data and AI folk. More than this, we believe in tough love. We’ll press into your ideals and ideas. We’ll make sure you’ve looked around corners and thrown the up, down and sideways considerations around. And we’ll teach you that entrepreneurship is less to do with you and more to do with the team you build and the customers whose lives you wish to change for the better.

Q. If I’m successful, will I be assigned a mentor from the very beginning through to market launch?

You’ll have mentor from the get go, whose level of support will depend entirely on your needs. You might need coaching to be a more cohesive team, or financial management advice. Maybe you need to know how to scale your tech or would benefit from introductions into other market sectors to realise the potential of your idea. The relationship has to be personalised to your unique needs and to the outcomes you wish to achieve. We shape our support to you, we don’t ask you to fit into a mould.

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