Our ethos

We have a lot of experience in the market and understand what it means to apply tech into a business environment.

We’ve also been in the game a while – nearly 20 years in the tech space. We’ve been on the verge of failure at least three times and survived. That’s given us a lot of knowledge, especially having been through a couple of economic cycles.

A creative
& open mind

We’ll respond to ideas with an open mind and try to understand them in all aspects. The vision and the passion of the person/people behind it is what matters to us most. We expect businesses to fail – it’s all part of the learning. But we bake success into our mindset.

A home in
Old Street, London

We’ll welcome you into our bright, bountiful Old Street office
as part of our expanding Profusion family.

Mentoring &
coaching support

Every one of us can look back on our journeys and say: ‘If only I’d known or done that’. It’s so much more helpful to have someone alongside you who has been there and can coach you through the ups and downs. There are no guarantees that we’ll avoid mistakes – we are almost certain to make some.


We’ve slipped up plenty in our time and will continue to do so. It’s how we respond to tricky situations that’s important, and we’ve learnt much of how to do this through our own mistakes. We can help you identify potential pitfalls and speed your recovery from those we didn’t predict.


We hope to help purposeful people and businesses grow into a global market. The zeitgeist of our capitalist model is broken and it needs fixing, fast. Our oceans and air are poisoned with waste that we didn’t need to create in the first place, and our incessant material addiction needs to be checked if we are to survive as a species beyond a few more generations.


If we can take less of a share in a business while incubating or growing it, and persuade founders to grow the purpose and planet aspects of their journey, we’ll be very satisfied. You’ll also have the opportunity to join a community that gives back through our Profusion Cares foundation.


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