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We relish the risks, the making and the responsibility for the ups and the downs. It’s essential in any economy but especially in the UK climate right now. We’re a ‘tertiary’ economy with mainly a service sector and we need to innovate to survive. That will only come from entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurship is challenging the status quo and the belief that something is not possible or cannot be done. It’s where new ideas lead to simplifying, automating or eliminating processes. We aren’t the font of all new concepts and by helping others our contribution reaches far further.

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We’re excited by and greatly admire original ways of thinking, the possibilities they present and the people who keep trying until they succeed. Everyone is capable of being inventive – they first have to find something they can be passionate about, which drives the huge investment of time and energy that follows.

Our expertise at Profusion is in how to attract, engage and retain people throughout the customer lifecycle. We’ve been doing it for years. Without customers, a new business will of course fail. We’ll support entrepreneurs to progress their product and market strategy to make it work. We’re all trained coaches who will champion them through their journey.

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