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We believe in the power of collaboration; that together we can make greater change in society. With this intent, we’re forming the Silicon Roundabout Social Impact Network – a unified forum of like-minded businesses that will actively connect with the communities of London’s Tech City area.

After its launch in April 2019, the network will cut the costs to local schools of outsourcing work experience placements and support local charities in their work. If successful, we hope it’s a model that will be replicated in the wider world..

How does the network work?

In the network, we recognise the limitations of each member’s time, resources and skills. We take small steps forward to partner with the organisations that are making a difference locally. There will be four founding members, who will collectively choose a cause-related theme to focus on every three months. There will be as many other members as would like to contribute to the network. Each quarter there will be:

  • One event
  • One ongoing action for members to take
  • Communications of broader opportunities for employers and employees eager to support the theme

How do I get started?

Quarter 1 is: April 2019 – June 2019

The theme is: Education and skills.

The event is: A speed networking event for local schools.

The ongoing action is: Committing to a week’s work experience above and beyond anything that you normally do. Central Foundation Boys School would be delighted to send their year 12 students to your offices in June.

What is the role of its founding members?

Each founding member will:

  • Sponsor a quarter of the year
  • Organise the logistics of the event for that quarter, bringing in relevant partners, finding relevant space where necessary and communicating this to other members
  • Collate basic data to support the impact report for the quarter
  • Attend the annual celebration event and an annual kick-off meeting for founding members, to ensure we steer the year to make maximum impact
  • Provide a spokesperson to take part in TV, radio, blog and podcast opportunities

Annual celebration event

In March/April each year, during Responsible Business Week, there will be a celebration event in which all member businesses, charities and schools will join together to review the year that has passed and vote on the themes for the next one. A short impact report will be shared.

Social Impact Network

bringing together like-minded businesses around London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ to share skills with local schools and charities.


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as an organisation. We wish to live and breathe purposeful, compassionate capitalism in all that we do. This includes our outreach,


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It’s not all about robots taking over the world. Let’s join together to show and celebrate how data and human intelligence intersect to drive


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Partner with Profusion Cares and you’ll be putting your genuine philanthropic intention into action to change the lives of vulnerable people. If, like us, you believe we have a duty to give back, that is enough reason alone. But it’s also good for business.

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