Social cause:
Homelessness & food poverty

We’re adamant that the social impact projects we take on reflect what our people care about most. So, in October 2018 we put it to the vote. Our 70 Profusion team players chose between three worthy causes and we reached a majority.

The result:

In 2019/20 Profusion Cares will fire its energy into creating better health, wellbeing and equality for people experiencing homelessness or food poverty.

In our own time, some of us have already volunteered for London-based initiatives like Crisis at Christmas, YMCA and Shelter in the Storm. So there is active experience among us and a strong feeling of affinity with people who find themselves sleeping rough.

What we will do

Our ambition is to use data to make the work of organisations that tackle homelessness much easier.

In early 2019 we will hold a series of workshops for people working in this field. We don’t just want to hear your data challenges, we want to hear about all your challenges. Our experts in data science, BI, data engineering and marketing will devise a way to use our skills to solve some of these challenges for you. If you would like to join a workshop, register with us.

Social Impact Network

bringing together like-minded businesses around London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ to share skills with local schools and charities.


Living by example

as an organisation. We wish to live and breathe purposeful, compassionate capitalism in all that we do. This includes our outreach,


Spreading the word

It’s not all about robots taking over the world. Let’s join together to show and celebrate how data and human intelligence intersect to drive


Why partner with us?

Partner with Profusion Cares and you’ll be putting your genuine philanthropic intention into action to change the lives of vulnerable people. If, like us, you believe we have a duty to give back, that is enough reason alone. But it’s also good for business.

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Charities and partners

We partner with clients across a variey of sectors:
banking, consumer, retail, utilities, entertainment and financial services.

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